12 April 2012

National Library Week!

So the week is almost over...but there is still time to celebrate National Library Week! I suggest going to your local library and checking out a good book, rather than obsessing too much over neo-Enlightenment values.
Library Oath, Bodleian Library, Oxford

For your enjoyment and appreciation of libraries, a potpourri of fun links:

My future home shall have such a room.

Librarian Hey Girl (Because Ryan Gosling loves libraries too)

(Also try Googling 'Book Sculpture' for a bit more fun)

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011). A lovely Oscar-winning short film.

And last but not least...
From a monastery library in Spain. Essentially translates:
 "Anyone who steals books from this library will be
excommunicated." These monks mean business.

Happy Reading!

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