30 May 2012

Africa E-Books Project

It's a busy week here (made more interesting by another installment of adventures in public transit), but I thought I'd share this plug that's been circulating around the Catholic blogosphere lately. The Africa eBook Project aims to provide seminarians in Africa with quality Catholic reading materials that are otherwise scarce:
In Cameroon, Africa, books are rare-especially the good ones. My friend Linus is studying at one of the seminaries, and he says the situation is even worse there. The seminaries are bursting at the seams with young men, yet most lack solid Catholic materials. The libraries are meager and while most of the seminaries have computers, internet is spotty at best.
 Among theses scarce books are texts that we generally consider foundational for theological study, such as the Summa Theologiae, The Bible, and writings of the Church Fathers. I think Brandon has started a fantastic project, and I'm happy to see that it has already far surpassed its original fundraising goal. Sadly, many seminaries right here in the U.S. seem to also be experiencing a dearth of such books, more due to neglect than lack of resources. If only a project like this were to succeed with seminaries here! Watch the video below for more info about the project.

There have long been projects like this aimed at getting more books oversees-case in point: Books for Africa. But with the Africa eBook Project, you know that the seminarians are receiving some intellectual food that will directly impact evangelization as well as education.


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